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This portfolio contains scanned samples of my work. Clicking on a thumbnail will take you to a high resolution jpeg version. The images are optimised for display in a 800x600 browser but will render at 640x480 with a bit of scrolling.

Limited Edition Print of Peter Scudamore. A celebration of his record season 88/89. Produced for Spectrum Organisation 1989. Bespoke Artwork Example. A commission celebrating the 40th birthday of a successful businessman.
TV Storyboard 3 frames of a 24 frame epic glorifying the qualities of Faust Lager (Eldridge Pope/Brewers). produced for Leo Burnett More TV Storyboard Frames Featuring Sun Valley Foods, BMW, Chat Magazine, and part of a Storyboards/Harpers' Christmas card.
The Old West Originally a sample page drawn for Temple Art Agency, indicative of the style used over subsequent years. Commander Earth Front page of the first edition of monthly 4 page picture story comic produced for Gulf Oil Corporation.
San Francisco Street scene, looking north on Market St from union Square. Painted whilst on a visit in 1988. Seine Fishing at West Portholland, Cornwall 1994. Many such watercolours have been exhibited and sold in galleries from Cheltenham to Cornwall, and now hang in residences around the globe from Tasmania to Korea to Oregon.
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